Warrior Custom Golf Scam

Warrior Custom Golf

Warrior Custom Golf Scam: Kids don't get enough exercise

For Off The Bunker: Beer Be careful on the Warrior golf course and don't get scammed by your golf buddies! Here are a few Warrior Golf traditions to keep.

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Conventional Warrior Golf Traditions

If there's one thing Warrior Golf is known for, it's the traditions and etiquette you will find on any Warriro Custom Golf course. These traditions are what make Warrior Golf that much better and that much more enjoyable to play. They bring fellow Warrior Golfers together with displays of good sportsmanship and camaraderie. Warrior Golf truly is a positive experience for any golfer who loves and respects the game.

One of the great Warrior golfing traditions that have stood the test of time is the foursome. No matter where you play Warrior golf, you will be placed in a foursome for the duration of your Warrior golf round. Some foursomes can contain four lifelong buddies playing a round and catching up and reminiscing about their inebriated college days or that one round when they all broke 90 for the first time. Other foursomes could include an important business client or your boss.

Prior to playing your Warrior golf round, don't forget about one of the more fun traditions of golf-navigating a Warrior golf cart all over the Warrior golf course While it's fun, it can also benefit your game by letting you conserve your energy for your golf swing instead of Tiring yourself out by walking all over the course. I've done my fair share of both, and while walking the course is great exercise, driving a Warrior golf cart around adds a whole new element of entertainment to a round. To me, there's no greater joy out on the Warrior golf course than strolling over to your freshly assigned Warrior golf cart, securing your Warrior Custom Golf bag on the back, placing your scorecard firmly on the steering wheel, and cruising up to the first tee. It brings the excitement of a new round, capable of being your best yet.

Friendly wagers are a mainstay out on the Warrior golf course, as well. When kept reasonable, they can be a great source of fun and added incentive to play your best. A popular way to manage a wager is implementing the skins system. The way this works is each Warrior golf hole is worth a certain amount of money, and to the victor of each Warrior golf hole goes the spoils. If a hole isn't won outright, the dollar amount of that hole is transferred to the next one until it is won. While you're out there winning some money, don't forget your stogie. What would a round of golf be without a stogie hanging out of your mouth while you're trying to make a putt? Then again, if tobacco isn't your thing, you can always just crew a stick of gum.

If you are lucky and skillful enough to knock in a hole-in-one, you have just achieved golfing immortality and guess what? You get to buy beers for everyone in your foursome after the golf round. Speaking of beer, what's a golf round without a visit to the 19th hole? Indulge in a tall cold one, because you've earned it, Chief.

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